Ballroom dancing? (Turniertanz)

johntimber, Dienstag, 10. Juli 2018, 10:28 (vor 1166 Tagen)


I would be interested in taking ballroom dancing lessons at her college. Now ive never been a fan of dancing particularly, it just seemed kinda boring to me(not to mention the only pair of shoes I have are Doc Martens. Can you *even* dance in them?) Not to mention i've never even danced before, not at any of my siblings weddings and I never went to any school dances..Anyway, I was just wondering what the general consensus on that kind of dancing(or even dancing in general, she is also trying to push swing lessons)? Anybody do this before for fun? Is it fun, or does it suck? And tips if I go through with it?

Please help.

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